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[Milk soup catfish]_ catfish _ how to do _ how to cook

In the daily diet, catfish is a very common fish meat. Catfish has few spines and is suitable for the elderly and children. It is rich in nutritional value and can be prepared. In addition to frying and grilling, you can also add catfish soup and catfish soup.The method is simple, and adding different seasoning soups will become very rich and very good for the body.

Ingredients; 500g of anchovy seasoning; salt, ginger, garlic, blending oil, cumin, garlic, and garlic. Use hot water to remove the slime and dirt from the skin., When the oil is hot, put cumin and stir-fry, then add onions, ginger, garlic and stir-fry; put anchovies and stir-fry for a while; pour in a large bowl of hot water;20 minutes; add salt before turning off the heat.

The best season to eat; the best season to eat catfish is between mid-spring and mid-summer; it is suitable for ordinary people.

Especially the old, young, women with postpartum and poor digestive function are most suitable.

Applicable amount; 150 each time
200 g.

Notable features: The distinctive features of this fish are that it has no scales on the whole body, a lot of mucus on the surface of the body, a flat head with a wide mouth, and two beards on its upper and lower jaws.

It is delicious and rich, with few thorns, appetizing, and easy to digest, especially suitable for the elderly and children.