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[Nine self-confidence after men and women are stripped]

People who don’t have confidence in their body usually don’t feel sexy, and self-confidence is important, because if they think they are very sexy, the brain will begin to transmit sexual signals.

Magic mirror, magic mirror, my most sexy thanks to the vigorous rendering of the media, the myth of youth and beauty is intensifying, many people are superstitious that sex is the patent of handsome men and women.Or charm at all.

But if you look closely at the friends around you, taking a man as an example, the sexy goddess in the eyes of men is not a traditional beauty embryo. These sexy idols that really attract them may look slightly plump, maybe milfs, or the features are not perfect, But because they exude vitality and enthusiasm all over the body, they are deeply fascinated.

Have you made the same mistake as being sexy?

Take a look at the following questions!