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]_Diet conditioning_Eating Taboos

[Can red bean glutinous rice and atractylodes be eaten together?

]_Diet conditioning_Eating Taboos

When the human body’s moisture is too heavy, it often manifests as body obesity and swelling, accompanied by abnormal symptoms such as bad breath and itching, which makes people distressed.

There is no doubt that indica rice is a very effective ingredient for removing moisture from the body. The combination of red beans and indica rice is a food often eaten by many patients with heavy moisture.

So can three kinds of foods with high nutritional value, such as red beans, barley and white pigments be eaten together?

Why the better we eat, the worse our body loves?

Many people may not have thought about this. Nowadays, the incidence of cancer is higher than that of people 30 years ago, and now it has begun to spread to younger groups. Many young guys in their twenties have suffered serious or even sudden death.

Although people eat better now, they do n’t pay much attention to their eating habits. They often drink cold things like cold beer to hurt the body ‘s yang. Over time, they will be able to take advantage of moisture, and many kinds of diseases will occur.The source of the city’s hundreds of diseases, no amount of supplements can be cured without removing it, so how to judge whether the body has moisture?

What about conditioning with moisture?

Are there any symptoms of moisture in the body? 1. Hair is shiny on the face and looks listless. 2. Drooling while sleeping, snoring, odor in the mouth, and athlete’s foot odor.

3, energy is not concentrated, work efficiency is low, often feel sleepy4.

Sputum is more coughing, often gets up in the morning and vomits5, the stool is thick, and it is easy to have stomach upset if you often eat something, and the stool is sticky and toilet 6.

The life of men and women is not harmonious, the quality is not high, the attention is not concentrated, and the time is short.

Sagging bags under the eyes, dark circles, puffiness, edema, = regular weight loss has no effect, but the more it gets, the more fat it gets.


His complexion was pale and yellow, his cheeks looked alive.


The small belly is big, and the body feels fat when it looks fat.

The front end of the genitals has a strange smell and is easy to itch.