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[Is it harmful to the human body every day in the wine warehouse?

The place where wine is stored is called a wine warehouse. Generally speaking, this kind of wine warehouse is not harmful to people’s health. Of course, when you work in such a place, you must pay attention to it, especially when the day and night are upside down.It should be developed by experts, usually pay attention to diet, and do daily maintenance work. In general, the wine seal of this wine warehouse is relatively good, and there is no leakage.

The dangers of drinking every day1. Drinking alcohol directly hurts the liver, alcoholic liver, hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver injury. After the injury, vision will inevitably decline, and the body’s ability to detoxify will also decline, resulting in a decline in immunity and easy infection with other diseases and tumors.

More than 90% of alcohol in the body is metabolized by the liver, and its metabolites and liver cell metabolism disorders caused by it are the main causes of alcoholic liver injury.

According to research, normal people drink 40-80 grams of alcohol every day, and alcoholic liver disease can occur in 10 years. If you drink 160 grams every day, liver cirrhosis can occur in 8-10 years!

2. Drinking hurts the stomach, digestion is poor, physical fitness is poor, and it is easy to be infected with other diseases.

One excessive drinking will cause the symptoms of acute gastritis, and continuous large intake of alcohol will inevitably cause more severe chronic gastritis and gastric ulcers.

3. Drinking alcohol can hurt the heart, spleen, scales, and easily cause hypertension, cardiovascular disease, stroke and pneumonia.

4, drinking will hurt the kidneys, cause prostatitis and affect sexual function.

5. Drinking alcohol hurts the nerves. People who drink alcohol often have a substitute for alcohol, and their tempers become irritable and disturbed.

Excessive alcohol can atrophy the cerebral cortex, causing brain dysfunction and consciousness.

And long-term excessive drinking leads to chronic alcoholism, which is characterized by personality changes, mental disorders, poor orientation, and memory loss.

6. Drinking hurts your appearance. People who drink often have a dull and sloppy appearance, and their skin is also prone to aging.

7. Because alcohol can harm the taste buds, one of the consequences of excessive drinking is to cause taste disorders. Studies have shown that the incidence of cancer of the throat and throat is higher than that of non-drinkers.

8. The long-term onset of excessive alcohol can cause myocardial fibrosis, loss of elasticity, enlarged heart, increased plasma, and another case of myocarditis, and the prevalence of arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease is higher than that of moderate drinkers.

The entire cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system is thus in a state of peril.

9. Excessive drinking is one of the most common causes of necrosis of the femoral head. Osteonecrosis occurs in about 2% -5% of people who abuse alcohol.

10. The isoprenyltrihydroxyflavone contained in wine can mimic the function of estrogen, affect the ability of sperm to move, and the production capacity is greatly reduced.

Even fertilized sperm injured by alcohol can conceive eggs, and they may give birth to abnormal freak or baby alcohol syndrome.

Such children are crying, have poor intelligence, and are easily addicted to alcohol when they grow up.